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G. R. Wooten Construction, Inc. builds homes in any price range and design. We also specialize in remodeling, renovations, and additions ranging from a redesigned bathroom or kitchen to total transformations of raising ceiling heights and adding multiple stories. The highest quality labor and materials available today are utilized in construction. Custom features that set us apart from the competition are used in every home that we build. We constantly monitor the building industry to stay out front in new innovations and building materials in order to provide you with a safe, strong, and energy efficient home for years to come.

From the first introduction, to the final finishing touches, we strive to make the building process pleasant and enjoyable. This is achieved by trust and open communication between the homeowner and us. We create an environment where these attributes can exist from start to finish.

G. R. Wooten Construction, Inc. completes 8 to 12 jobs per year. This workload allows us to spend more time with each individual homeowner during all stages of construction. We personally supervise each and every job on a daily basis to ensure each construction project progresses in an efficient, timely, and cost effective manner.

Homeowner centered - budget conscious - family owned and operated.
G. R. Wooten Construction, Inc.

GIVE US A CALL - GIVE US A CHANCE to prove just how satisfying and rewarding it can be to build or remodel your own home !!!